Lagoon Sports

Do you like water?

If so, then Venice is the right place for you. A city built entirely on water cannot fail to offer an excellent level of water sports and not only. You will be thrilled by the myriad of activities the lagoon has to offer.
Lagoon sports are the bridge to the Venice environment and its communities, offering you opportunities to explore the extraordinary nature surrounding the city.

Voga alla Veneta (rowing the Venetian way)

Voga Veneta is a specific type of rowing which is conducted standing (usually by two people one in prua and one in poppa) by using the “remi” (rows) on a holder called “forcola” to facilitate steering as there is no timone.

With Venywhere, you will find facilitated access to the best teachers and to boats to row ‘a la veneta’.

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Vela al Terzo (traditional lagoon sailing)

The tradition of sailing is a unique part of life for maritime civilizations. The immaculate perfection of the dance between wind, gravity and natural forces that make sailing unique in its elegance is difficult to be topped in its efficiency. However, Vela al Terzo masters this.

The Venetian Lagoon with 50km of length and 10km in width provides ample space for sailing. The shape of the “timone” steer is ideal for the shallow waters as it helps to equilibrate and the sails are particularly efficient in size and shape to ideally transform wind into kinetic energy.


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Traveling and discovering Venice by water through kayak tours is a unique opportunity to experience Venice through its water streets without significant investment.

Kayak is a sustainable way to live the lagoon , it helps not polluting the water while keeping fit and seeing things from literally, a new perspective.

With Venywhere you will have discounted rent of the equipment to go kayaking in the lagoon.


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The Venetian Lagoon is vast and full of unique views. From Venice it is fairly easy to reach cycling routes and explore ancient fortresses, windmills, castles, waterways by bicycle while enjoying the flora & fauna.

And why not? Maybe take part in a guided journey through the new “Ciclovia delle Lagune”, the new regional project that will connect Venice with Trieste in a breathtaking and varied landscape.

Venywhere can help you to organize memorable bicycle trips around the lagoon.


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