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Living as a remote worker is not for everyone, it requires commitment, attention and a certain amount of patience.

This is why we are developing our "Soft landing: Pilot’s instructions" to make your landing in the city of Venice extremely smooth and frictionless.

Here are the main problems we will help you solve:

Visas & Taxes:

Find the most suitable visa for your stay.

Stay up to date on the latest Italian regulations.

Are you freelance? Entrepreneur? Employee? You will find information on taxation and tax obligations necessary to carry out your work safely and without worries.

Health insurance:

Are you from EU? You will understand how much your health card will cover you and how to best manage your health costs.

Are you extra-EU? No problem! Several countries have in-depth healthcare agreements with the European Union (e.g. USA). Find out the best healthcare solution for your situation.

Bank account:

Find the most comfortable and smart alternative for your stay.

Avoid red tape by following precise online instructions.

Skip the lines by reaching the right places at the right time.


From bus to water taxi. Keep an eye on up-to-date information on transport and mobility.

Save money with the right city passes.

It is well known that the problems of a remote worker begin even before they leave. Through our "Soft landing: Pilot’s instructions" it will be much easier for you to plan your trip.

By submitting your request to be part of the program you will receive our instructions constantly updated with the latest news. In this way you can have a valuable help to organize your stay in Venice in total safety and quiet.


Organize your stay in a comfortable and efficient way


Always on hand


Constantly updated by our team

It’s our Soft landing: Pilot’s instructions

Do you want to unlock your copy?

doubt moment venywhere

Isn't an internet connection and google maps enough for my "soft landing"?

Well, yes and no:

  Having everything in one handy guide allows you to save time and uncertainty. Focus more on your experience!

  It is an ever-changing environment: new health regulations, tax updates, flexible train timetables... let our team update your "Pilot’s instructions with the latest news.

  Even if you are a geek,

some of the info we give you access to are almost impossible to find as a private citizen. This is the value of venywhere!

Please note: Submission is currently restricted to those wishing to participate in the program. The program includes housing search and proposal, visa and logistics facilitation, one-on-one pre-arrival assistance, and help with onboarding and integration in the city.

Subscription, on the other hand, remains open to all, free of charge, and provides access to Venywhere's various services such as booking co-working spaces and experiences.

  • Venywhere is in beta testing!
  • The site is a preview of the services that will only be fully available at the launch of the platform.
  • Do you want to be one of the first supporters of Venywhere community?
  • Until the launch you will be able to subscribe for free on the platform, get all the benefits and book your favourite activities at discounted prices
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