Being part of Venice

Remote workers and active citizens

Bring your value to the city

We are sure that everyone works better, improves their skills and obtains more personal satisfaction by actively contributing to the growth and problems of the city.

We are working to propose you a wide range of opportunities to your value to the city of Venice.


Bring your value to the city

The life of a remote worker is full of adventures, new experiences and a desire to learn and grow. Venywhere wants to give you the possibility to deepen this lifestyle adding a strong community involvement.

Which better way to truly feel connected with the city than participate and contribute to its rebirth?

We will show you its  urban renewal  projects,  volunteer calls, open innovation  projects, research activities,  seminars and workshops  of the various universities and research centers.

What are we trying to achieve with this initiative?

  Significant social impact and support by remote workers for the growth and development of sustainable city projects.

  The knowledge and skills of you as “new temporary citizens” of Venice could make a big difference in the future of the city!

What value do we want to deliver to our remote workers?

  We believe that everyone works better, improves their skills and obtains more personal satisfaction by  actively contributing  to social and sustainability projects.

  We want to offer you something different from the usual experience, to make you live Venice through the eyes of a real citizen, to involve you in activities that you won't forget

Here are a few currently active calls. The list is just a beginning, it will be updated soon with new projects.

We are in beta testing!  These activities are not yet available.  However, we recommend that you make a symbolic reservation to express your interest and help us understand for which activities we should increase the number of available places.

Stay updated on new projects through our social media or by subscribing to our platform. We have several great Smart City initiatives planned!

doubt moment venywhere

I already have limited free time, why spend it on social projects for Venice?

  The search for innovation and community impact is the flagship of Venywhere. It will be a unique opportunity to get immersed in the local community and contribute to a good cause.

  You will have excellent networking opportunities. It will open the doors to major associations, universities and businesses in the Venetian environment. You will get in touch with different professionals, experts and researchers.

  You will not go unnoticed. You will be remembered for the value you bring to this city!

Please note: Submission is currently restricted to those wishing to participate in the program. The program includes housing search and proposal, visa and logistics facilitation, one-on-one pre-arrival assistance, and help with onboarding and integration in the city.

Subscription, on the other hand, remains open to all, free of charge, and provides access to Venywhere's various services such as booking co-working spaces and experiences.

  • Venywhere is in beta testing!
  • The site is a preview of the services that will only be fully available at the launch of the platform.
  • Do you want to be one of the first supporters of Venywhere community?
  • Until the launch you will be able to subscribe for free on the platform, get all the benefits and book your favourite activities at discounted prices
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