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Origins • The hurricane of a pandemic, the love for a city

It all started with the insight from Massimo during the first lockdown that the growing population of workers-from-anywhere could help Venice develop an alternative to mass tourism. He also encouraged Sara, as her advisor, to focus her thesis on work from Venice. The Fondazione di Venezia provided initial support and funded the project, making it possible to create a first team. From May 2021 the Venywhere project began to take its first steps with tests, surveys, market research and the desire to see a city reborn.

The purpose of Venywhere • A sense of community

Venywhere was born from a very specific intent: to help contrasting the progressive loss of population of the city of Venice. How? Bringing in the energies of young and active remote workers and reducing the dependence of the city from mass tourism. Venice can attract talents who integrate into the local community and create in the long term a new layer of "temporary citizens".

Value proposition • Where we are

“Work remotely and join the local community, become a new Venetian”. This statement sums up the value of Venywhere: the integration of several services, from experiential activities to pre-arrival assistance, welcoming and redefining city spaces for distributed work.

Vision • Where to go

"To build a model of networking, know-how and branding that can be replicated in other Italian cities. Venywhere could evolve into a project dedicated to the rebirth of Italian historical cities after the pandemic".

What about the team?

General Director

Massimo originally conceived and started the project. In his parallel life he is a professor at Ca'Foscari University in the Department of Management. In this adventure, he is in charge of coordinating the overall project, co-designing its strategy, finding partnerships and providing research ideas on remote work.

Management & Branding

Sara coordinates daily tasks and operations and operations of the team to assure that Venywhere’s goals are achieved. She has a leading role in strategic planning and in the design and implementation of the business model. Not enough? No fear, she also contributes to Venywhere with a creative touch, through amazing content creations.

Marketing & Startup growth

Luca is not just hair. He is in charge of the startup's testing and validation processes, supporting Sara in the design and implementation of the business model. He deals also with marketing stuff, especially designing the customer journey and overseeing CRM activities. He also manages email marketing and copywriting work.

Local community & Partnerships

Marco is the “ultimate Venetian”, indeed he manages relations with the local community. His task is to build relationships with existing cultural realities, contribute to the growth of Venywhere in the territory and develop part of the Venywhere offer. If you need some advice to better enjoy the city, you can ask him!

Research, analytics and technology

Carlo is the researcher appointed by Ca' Foscari University for the CISCO X Venywhere project. In addition to the initiation of the team to the gray shades of the Force, he contributes to the project by collecting and analysing data about hybrid-work. He also supports the group in business strategy and ICT related issues.

Customer care & Soft landing

Vera is our frontwoman for remote workers. She answers Venywhere emails and requests, so it is likely that you have already met her virtually. If you have any doubts, she is the one who will answer you or direct you to the best route. In addition, she will provide you with all the help you need for your "soft landing" in Venice.

Talking about Venywhere


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Please note: Submission is currently restricted to those wishing to participate in the program. The program includes housing search and proposal, visa and logistics facilitation, one-on-one pre-arrival assistance, and help with onboarding and integration in the city.

Subscription, on the other hand, remains open to all, free of charge, and provides access to Venywhere's various services such as booking co-working spaces and experiences.

  • Venywhere is in beta testing!
  • The site is a preview of the services that will only be fully available at the launch of the platform.
  • Do you want to be one of the first supporters of Venywhere community?
  • Until the launch you will be able to subscribe for free on the platform, get all the benefits and book your favourite activities at discounted prices
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